Haunted House Portland Revisited

Milburn Manor shows up on Google in the Portland area for haunted houses and many of our customers come from the greater Portland area. A Google search for "haunted house Portland" shows the results below.

The drive is only 28 minutes from Tigard, and this may vary depending on location. Our latest video Zombie Infestation doesn't say show all but gives a glimpse of the scary possibilities.

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How to Survive the Haunted House at Milburn's Haunted Manor

  1. Choose a haunted house that has awards for their scary experience. Read about ours.
    Chances are that you will survive an award winning haunted house. But consider this: Pregnant? heart condition etc? If this is you, you may want to consider letting your friends go while you stay out by concessions.  Have a deep fried snickers and enjoy the distant screams.

  2. A Quick Stop at the Porta-Potties will Help a Dry Survival
    A quick stop at the porta-potties is a good idea.  Wetting yourself is sure to award you years of embarrassing stories told by your friends each and every Halloween season, or roller coaster ride, or just about anything to do with surprising someone.

  3. Keep your eyes open – so you can avoid that wall, axe or zombie lunging at you
    Dress for battle!  Short skirts and stiletto heals are sure to let you down.  Large hoop ear rings may get a tug by a panicked friend.  Dress for comfort, warmth, and survival.  Keep your cell phone, wallet, debit card, etc. in a secure pocket.

  4. Although running from a monster is always a good idea in the movies.  It is not recommended in a Haunted House attraction.
    Do not turn and run head long through a dark haunt.  Many have tried and it rarely ends well.


  5. Watch a lot of scary movies in the weeks ahead of your visit
     we have some of the best in our
    top 100 scary movies blog  

  6. The use of flashlights is cheating. Plus it frightens the ghouls and only diminishes your experience. You might enjoy watching our video on the rules of Milburn Manor
    Here's the YouTube video on our blog  >

  7. Don’t hug or hurt a ghoul or a zombie. Fight or flight.  Avoid both.  Do not slap, kick or punch the actors.  They are just trying to entertain you.

  8. Bring a friend or more – doing this alone is not as fun and survival rates are less
    Use safety in numbers.  But be selective in your choosing process.  Select at least one larger friend to use as a meat shield and at least one friend who is more of a coward than you to take the blunt of the ridicule after it is over. 

  9. Don’t hold back your screams if you are scared….
    Let yourself enjoy the thrill of the horror.  Like a roller coaster, throw your hands up and embrace the terror.  Trying not to get scared or being the "tough guy" is much less fun for both you and the actors.  Yes it is fake and you probably wont die.  But if you want your monies worth go "all in" and enjoy it.  Your group will have more fun and in turn so will you.
  10. Is a PG13 Haunt a Good Match for an 8 Year Old ? 
     Aside from the dangers of carrying a panic stricken, kicking and screaming child through endless attacks in the haunt...the nightmares at 1 AM are not worth it. Check the haunt rating.  A PG13 haunt is not a good match for an 8 year old. You will survive better by leaving the little ones at home.

    After you have survived then what?
    Deep fried carnival style foods at concessions is a great way to take the edge off after a panic packed experience.  Also a fun way to circle up and recount the adventures and the "fails" with your friends. Our Graveside Grill is famous for their fresh cut curly fries, deep fried snickers, zombie donuts and their signature "nail in the coffin", a deep fried bacon wrapped sausage dog.

Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time for Haunted House Fans

For haunted house fans, horror movies are a fun way to get scared before the Halloween season. We found the top 100 horror movies of all time based on 40 or more reviews by movie critics.

Here's Some Recent Horror Movies with Top Reviews

Some of these movies are more recent and 2016 had a nice number released such as  Under the Shadow (2016), The Love Witch (2016) , Green Room (2016), Train to Busang (2016), Don't Breathe (2016), The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)  In 2017 we have so far The Witch and Get Out, which we featured in another blog and It Comes at Night (2017). 

As featured in our Facebook post, here's the movie trailer for The Love Witch,  that has a 96% rating. 

We are sharing this to help keep you scared before we open our Milburn Manor Haunted House in October.

For the top 100 list, here's the link on Rotten Tomatoes, with percentage ratings based on critics reviews. This is an excellent watch list, as they represent the top rated horror movies of all time. How scary is that? > Top 100 Horror Movies

Portland Haunted House Hunting

Once upon a time there was a young couple living in Portland Oregon who were doing a search on Google for "Haunted House Portland". They were looking for something unique, even out of the way if necessary. They did their research, looked at a lot of websites, even conducted a seance and Tarot card reading to see what would be the right one.They saw Milburn Manor on the Google maps South of Portland but in the general area.

They saw that Milburn Manor had won the 2016 Best Haunted House award on the OregonHauntedHouses.com website, but were still researching.

Then they searched on YouTube for "haunted house Portland" Milburn Manor

They discovered the Milburn Manor YouTube channel , and saw that there were two videos. One of them was scary when a lost boy went into a cabin in the woods.This is shown below.
The other was the rules of Milburn Manor. A scary looking man in dark sunglasses and top hat and black suit lays down some rules about visiting the haunted manor. It included an emergency exit in case you are attacked by a zombie and want a quick escape. This video is also shown below.
Then they saw that Milburn Manor also had a couple of scary movie trailers on their YouTube channel. They were top rated and seemed to be the perfect thing to watch this summer to prepare the young couple for the real thing in the Fall.The young couple decided to visit Milburn Manor in the Fall. There were mysterious things about them that cannot be discussed on this blog.

A Ghost Story - Top Rated Summer Scary Movie

Milburn's "Summer Scary" Picks  

Get the popcorn ready! We found another scary movie to add to your Summer Scary Movie Watchlist!

A Ghost Story, featuring Casey Affleck with a 90% movie critic review consensus (Rotten Tomatoes), "A Ghost Story deftly manages its ambitious themes through an inventive, artful, and ultimately poignant exploration of love and loss."

"Surreal 'A Ghost Story' is a ponderous, quirky and visual feast" = Josh Terry

"A Ghost Story is the most unusual and loneliest phantasm saga ever to give you the shivers."
- Peter Howell

And here's your movie trailer.....

Best Haunted House of 2016 Award from Oregon Haunted Houses.com

We are proud to have won the 2016 Haunt of the Year spot on the Oregon Haunted Houses website for the 2016 Attraction of the Year! This is welcomed as we have always worked hard to provide the best haunted house entertainment in the Portland and Salem area....Willamette Valley. Click on the image below to visit our Facebook page and like our page to stay tuned for news, scary movie reviews, humor and more.

Why Our Haunted House Gets 5 Star Yelp Reviews

Haunted House Reviews Tells It Like It Is

It's no surprise to us, that we get five star reviews on Yelp. Our haunted house experience is unique, and very scary. The next best thing to meeting a real Poltergeist Ghost. As the Ghost of Milburn Manor, I will confess that I am the real thing, but that is a secret so don't tell anyone ok?
Here's two reviews as examples of what is being said on Yelp about our haunted house experience.
If you want to place a review, here's the link :

Milburn's Haunted Manor:
A Portland Haunted House Alternative

What Really Makes a Haunted House Haunted?

The Haunted House Experience

When it comes to haunted houses as entertainment during Halloween, there may be some differences

from haunted houses that have real spirits, ghosts, and paranormal happenings. However, if the experience can replicate scary experiences in such a way that there is shock, surprise, and true fear, then the entertainment takes on a different dimension. You become a part of the horror movie.

Well, not exactly a movie. We like to call it a theatrical experience in a "haunted theater". For example, there is a group going ahead of you through this haunted house experience. A door closes behind them and in front of you. Each group has scary experiences without the other group there. Then the door mysteriously opens and the same timing repeats itself, allowing for a more private and personal scary experience by your group without another group there at the same time. 

Sounds, lighting, zombies and ghouls are all a part of the haunted theater experience, which is unique compared to the "fast food, drive through" experience of larger haunted house operations. 

These are some reasons why Milburn Haunted Manor has had great reviews and is very popular during the season. This is what really makes a haunted house haunted. 

Also we are out in the country a bit, and we know of actual real haunting events that have happened around here. We cannot guarantee that they will not happen at Milburn Manor during the Halloween Days. 

"Milburn's Manor was amazing! I have been to the Fear PDX, Fright Town, the 13th Door, and the Four Horseman at the Scaregrounds, Milburn's Manor beats them all. You get a unique experience that is all your own, meaning, no bumping into other people. The timing is fantastic, you don't feel rushed and you don't feel like it's too long either, everything was great. The Dark was really good also but we got lost a couple of times and actors had to break character to show us the way to go. I'm not sure how often that happens but it took away from the experience a bit. This was the best haunted attraction I have ever been to, and I'm afraid that all the rest will be disappointing in comparison."
- Mathew Jones, Facebook Review October 2016

Stay posted for our "summer scary" movie reviews, and other news.   

The Witch - Top Rated Summer DVD Movie

Milburn's "Summer Scary" Picks  

The Witch has a 91% reviews consensus on Rotten Tomatoes / Flixster. It's free on Amazon Prime, otherwise it may be only $5.99 to stream from Amazon. Get the popcorn ready. 

From the review consensus:
"As thought-provoking as it is visually compelling, The Witch delivers a deeply unsettling exercise in slow-building horror that suggests great things for debuting writer-director Robert Eggers."
Trailer below:

It's New England 1630 (decades before the Salem witch trials of 1692) and a farmer takes his family to live in the wilderness after being threatened with banishment from the community. Then strange and ominous things start to happen. It's a film with "terrifying age-old concepts of witchcraft,  black magic, and possession". The film had rave reviews and they can be seen here on this link to Rotten Tomatoes review site:  https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_witch_2016
And here's your movie trailer.....

5th Most Haunted Bar in America to be Featured on Netflix

Haunted Bar Anyone? Sometimes Better Than a Haunted House

We love anything haunted, and haunted bars always have a lot of spirits, pun intended.

"An historic Wisconsin bar with a reputation for apparent paranormal activity could appear in a new Netflix series. Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood has been listed as the fifth most-haunted bar in America."
full story >