Haunted House Portland Revisited

Milburn Manor shows up on Google in the Portland area for haunted houses and many of our customers come from the greater Portland area. A Google search for "haunted house Portland" shows the results below.

The drive is only 28 minutes from Tigard, and this may vary depending on location. Our latest video Zombie Infestation doesn't say show all but gives a glimpse of the scary possibilities.

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How to Survive the Haunted House at Milburn's Haunted Manor

  1. Choose a haunted house that has awards for their scary experience. Read about ours.
    Chances are that you will survive an award winning haunted house. But consider this: Pregnant? heart condition etc? If this is you, you may want to consider letting your friends go while you stay out by concessions.  Have a deep fried snickers and enjoy the distant screams.

  2. A Quick Stop at the Porta-Potties will Help a Dry Survival
    A quick stop at the porta-potties is a good idea.  Wetting yourself is sure to award you years of embarrassing stories told by your friends each and every Halloween season, or roller coaster ride, or just about anything to do with surprising someone.

  3. Keep your eyes open – so you can avoid that wall, axe or zombie lunging at you
    Dress for battle!  Short skirts and stiletto heals are sure to let you down.  Large hoop ear rings may get a tug by a panicked friend.  Dress for comfort, warmth, and survival.  Keep your cell phone, wallet, debit card, etc. in a secure pocket.

  4. Although running from a monster is always a good idea in the movies.  It is not recommended in a Haunted House attraction.
    Do not turn and run head long through a dark haunt.  Many have tried and it rarely ends well.


  5. Watch a lot of scary movies in the weeks ahead of your visit
     we have some of the best in our
    top 100 scary movies blog  

  6. The use of flashlights is cheating. Plus it frightens the ghouls and only diminishes your experience. You might enjoy watching our video on the rules of Milburn Manor
    Here's the YouTube video on our blog  >

  7. Don’t hug or hurt a ghoul or a zombie. Fight or flight.  Avoid both.  Do not slap, kick or punch the actors.  They are just trying to entertain you.

  8. Bring a friend or more – doing this alone is not as fun and survival rates are less
    Use safety in numbers.  But be selective in your choosing process.  Select at least one larger friend to use as a meat shield and at least one friend who is more of a coward than you to take the blunt of the ridicule after it is over. 

  9. Don’t hold back your screams if you are scared….
    Let yourself enjoy the thrill of the horror.  Like a roller coaster, throw your hands up and embrace the terror.  Trying not to get scared or being the "tough guy" is much less fun for both you and the actors.  Yes it is fake and you probably wont die.  But if you want your monies worth go "all in" and enjoy it.  Your group will have more fun and in turn so will you.
  10. Is a PG13 Haunt a Good Match for an 8 Year Old ? 
     Aside from the dangers of carrying a panic stricken, kicking and screaming child through endless attacks in the haunt...the nightmares at 1 AM are not worth it. Check the haunt rating.  A PG13 haunt is not a good match for an 8 year old. You will survive better by leaving the little ones at home.

    After you have survived then what?
    Deep fried carnival style foods at concessions is a great way to take the edge off after a panic packed experience.  Also a fun way to circle up and recount the adventures and the "fails" with your friends. Our Graveside Grill is famous for their fresh cut curly fries, deep fried snickers, zombie donuts and their signature "nail in the coffin", a deep fried bacon wrapped sausage dog.