Milburn’s Haunted Manor LLC Launches New Website

Milburn’s Haunted Manor, LLC,

an award winning haunted house attraction in Hubbard, Oregon, recently launched a new website that highlights their critically acclaimed featured attractions and unique amenities. 

Featured on the new website is an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting from 2017. Mike Milburn, the owner, describes the ideas, theories, and methods that sets Milburn’s apart, such as “Scareology” and “Haunted Theatre”. (Link: OPB Interview-video ).

Want to know more? Check out their website to see the entire interview. “We Dare You to Come to Our House” is a motto shown at the top of the website to challenge website visitors to “dare to get scared”, and sets the tone.

“Suzie One-Eye”
is the unofficial mascot of Milburn’s Haunted Manor. She is a part of the lore and legend of the haunted house, and also makes appearances on the grounds and throughout the website. It’s fun to look though the new website to see if you can spot their creepy mascot. You never know where you’re going to see her. Keep an eye out for little Suzie. Odds are she is watching you.

Featured Attractions
The website includes information on their two main featured attractions, The Manor, and

The Dark, each having their own special background lore, designed to draw the would-be visitor in to the suspense of each thriller. Other featured attractions described on the website include the Graveside Grill, with menu items such as Zombie Donuts, Funnel Fried Bacon, Curly Fries and the their signature “Nail in the Coffin”.

Other Attractions
The Grill offers a fun variety of carnival style eats for the survivors of the haunts. The Moon-lit Pumpkin Patch provides a fun way to get your gourd shopping in. Picking out your seasonal pumpkin in the darkened and spooky environment, with the screams of other guests hanging in the air, is a fun way to round out your visit to Milburn’s. We offer a “U-Take / We-Take” decorated photo booth for you to commemorate your haunted adventure.

The website also highlights Milburn’s many amenities designed to make their guests more comfortable on those dark and stormy October nights. Covered lines, dining and common areas along with graveled paths will help to deal with the typical Oregon fall weather. Free parking is also available. Check out Milburn’s Haunted Manor’s new website and see for yourself what a fun and unique attraction Milburn’s is.  Here's the link : Haunted House Website 

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