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Suzie One Eye, our mascot here at Milburn's Haunted Manor, wants to "keep you scared all summer" so...we will be offering a link to free or very inexpensive scary or ghost stories content including movies, books, and other resources.  If you like reading a story about Ghosts, then this ebook is is available for free or very cheap on Amazon Kindle ebooks.

On Amazon's Kindle ebooks, they have certain books that are either free or offered at an attractive price. The following ebook can be read on the free Kindle app that can be downloaded on most all devices. You don't need to buy the Kindle tablet. Once you have the app, you can read the Amazon Kindle ebooks and there are a lot to choose from.

from Amazon
"After narrowly surviving a near-fatal shooting, Portland detective Myron Vale wakes with a bullet still lodged in his brain, a headache to end all headaches, and a terrible side effect that radically transforms his world for the worse: He sees ghosts. Lots of them.

By some estimates, a hundred billion people have lived and died before anyone alive today was even born. For Myron, they're all still here. That's not even his biggest problem. No matter how hard he tries, he can't tell the living from the dead.

Despite this, Myron manages to piece together something of a life as a private investigator specializing in helping people on both sides of the great divide—until a stunning blonde beauty walks into his office needing help finding her husband. Myron wants no part of the case until he sees the man's picture ... and instantly his carefully reconstructed life begins to unravel."

  This book is listed for $4.76 on Amazon Kindle - here's the link: free look inside....
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