Suzie One Eye's Scary Summer

At Milburn's Haunted Manor we are launching "Suzie One Eye's Scary Summer" that will have different content and ideas to keep you scared - without having to wait until Halloween. Plus we are giving away free tickets to our Haunted House attractions. Some of our content on our blogs will include the best reviewed scary movies and the movie trailer, topics about haunted attractions, famous haunted houses in England, and more.

Suzie One Eye, our mascot and mysterious girl-ghoul, may make appearances, and be a part of the contest to win tickets on our Facebook page. We are still planning content ideas and need to consult our board of advisors that includes ghouls, goblins, zombies, and Suzie One Eye.

Stay tuned and stay scared.  Check out our link to our blog about a  free ebook "Ghost Detective".

the ghost of
Milburn's Haunted Manor

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